Strategic advisory for a changing Middle East

Introducing InfoSynth

InfoSynth is a boutique strategic consulting and advisory services firm that offers guidance to corporate and governmental clients with interests and prospects in an evolving Middle East.

InfoSynth provides political and economic risk analysis, market insights and project advisory services across a wide range of sectors and industries. InfoSynth offers its clients tools to explore, evaluate and develop market opportunities, conceptualize and implement solutions to complex problems as well as assess and forecast risk across critical sectors or themes.

Our edge

  • Regionally Rooted

    Homegrown in the Middle East, with a deep understanding of regional issues and trends

  • Multidisciplinary

    Professionals from across multiple disciplines who offer new perspectives to complex problems

  • Impact Driven

    Driven by opportunities that can positively impact the region and benefit our clients

Rooted and multidisciplinary, to deliver impact and value

Through its wide range of regional subject matter experts, InfoSynth has unique access to knowledge, expertise and perspectives that are delivered through globally recognized standards and practices.

Sample of previous work

InfoSynth has recently been active in the following projects:

  • Developing a tool to assess impact of trafficking on business operations for a multinational company with regional operations;
  • Investment advisory services for a European firm interested in developing regional opportunities (decision support analysis, facilitating introductions and an assessment of potential reputational damage);
  • Enhancing lower-tier supply chain transparency for a multinational company seeking to verify the environmental sustainability of its regional operations;
  • Supporting a multinational firm involved in a commercial dispute whose venture is impacted by changed export controls;
  • Supporting a government’s renewable energy strategy;
  • Technical measures to mitigate risks to a government’s energy distribution infrastructure.